Willamette Falls Legacy Project update

Thu 28 Sep 17

The Willamette Falls Legacy Project is committed to transparency and responsibly delivering on Oregonians’ investments and vision to create a public riverwalk at Willamette Falls.

Together as partners, Oregon City, Clackamas County, Metro and the State of Oregon share the project’s four core values of: economic redevelopment, historic and cultural interpretation, public access and healthy habitat. Each of the four core values is as important as the others.

Since unveiling a world-class riverwalk design in June, we’ve been excited to move the project into the next phase, which includes applying for permits and ultimately beginning construction. The riverwalk project, however, is encountering a delay.

At a meeting last week, elected officials from all four partner agencies decided to begin researching options on moving the project forward. The Partners also sent Falls Legacy LLC, the owner of the former Blue Heron paper mill, a letter asking for cooperation in helping to deliver on the vision that was created through a lengthy, collaborative public process. Without Falls Legacy’s cooperation, we are unable to apply for the permits needed to get the project started.

Over the last few days, Willamette Falls Legacy Project Partners have spoken with various media outlets. We’ve reiterated to everyone that we are committed to continuing our partnership and carrying out the vision that thousands of Oregonians created. So far, the project update has been covered by Portland Business Journal, Portland Tribune and the Daily Journal of Commerce.

The letter sent to Falls Legacy LLC is available here.

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