Tribes mark the beginning of Riverwalk design

Wed 10 Jun 15

Photo: Representatives of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs join the Oregon Governor for the announcement of the Willamette Falls schematic design team. From left to right, Evaline Patt, Tribal Council Vice-Chair, Governor Kate Brown and Eugene Greene Jr., Tribal Council Chairman.

Native Americans have been fishing, gathering and trading at Willamette Falls for centuries, maybe even millennia. Because of this, the falls is an important part of Native American legends, and many local tribes built villages near the falls to fish the abundant salmon, which could only pass the falls at certain times of the year.

On May 29, tribal representatives from the Grande Ronde, Umatilla and Warm Springs tribes were at Willamette Falls to join with Oregon Governor Kate Brown, local elected officials and community members to mark the selection of the schematic design team just selected to begin working on the Riverwalk.

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Read Governor Brown’s remarks from the May 29th event here.

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