Historic and cultural resources at Willamette Falls

Fri 17 May 19

The Willamette Falls Legacy Project, set to break ground on the public riverwalk at Willamette Falls next year, has hired AECOM and Willamette CRA to develop a plan that will be used during riverwalk construction when historic and cultural resources are discovered at the Legacy Project site. The plan will guide the construction and design teams while we finish refining and during implementation of the riverwalk design.

Willamette Falls has been a significant cultural, fishing and gathering place for Native American Tribes since time immemorial. Welcoming settlers at the end of the Oregon Trail, Willamette Falls was also the final destination for many westward-heading pioneers. Throughout the late 1800s, it was the heart of thriving industries, providing energy to power lumber, flour, woolen and paper mills.

AECOM will focus their efforts on above ground and industrial historic resources while Willamette CRA will focus on below ground historic and cultural resources.

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