Exploring the site: the Hawley Powerhouse Foundation

Tue 8 Nov 16

Hawley Powerhouse Foundation

Get ready - riverwalk design concepts are coming this November! Leading up to that, we are highlighting some key site elements that you will see in the design concepts, including the Pipe Tunnel, the North Riverbank, the Clarifier, the Service Yard, and the Hawley Powerhouse Foundation.

Our design team is investigating ways to reuse, enhance, or re-purpose structures and elements from the old mill and PGE dam; along with opportunities that come from removal. Today, we focus on the Hawley Powerhouse Foundation, a structure that once held turbines to generate power from the falls.  The building is connected to the PGE dam and offers spectacular, up-close falls views.



In the riverwalk opportunities report, our design team examined the Hawley powerhouse and found the following opportunities and constraints:


  • A 360-degree view to the river, falls, lagoon, bluff and larger regional landscape
  • Long views northward to the Arch Bridge
  • Terminus of a "pilgrimage" to the falls
  • Interesting perch for wildlife observation
  • Best place to "feel the mist"
  • Tremendous re-use potential
  • Place to experience seasonal power and sound of falls
  • Views of interesting industrial paper mill operations across the river
  • Potential for cultural and historic interpretation
  • Stout; ability to withstand flood inundation
  • Grating offers views to the lower levels of the structure


  • Within the 1996 floodplain
  • Needs improvements for access and safety
  • Wet and windy
  • Access dependent on PGE-owned dam

At our November 17th open house, you will get to weigh in on design ideas for the Hawley powerhouse foundation in the riverwalk design concepts. We can't wait to hear what you think!

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