Riverwalk Parking, Access and Transportation Plan

Fri 17 Mar 17

Along with design of the riverwalk, the Willamette Falls Legacy Project is also planning for how visitors will access the new public space.  A Parking and Transportation Plan is underway, and will identify solutions for transportation and parking for phase one of the riverwalk.   This is also an opportune moment to think strategically, beyond just the riverwalk, and plan for future public and private redevelopment of the 22-acre site.  Our project team will be identifying improvements that can best optimize the riverwalk experience, reduce its impact on its neighbors, and can be phased in as redevelopment occurs over time.

Goals for the Plan

  • Reach shared understanding among stakeholders of transportation and parking issues, tools, and goals for this project
  • Create a long-term metric based strategy that can guide the community through the many phases of private and public development onsite
  • Achieve Planning Commission approval of the strategy and plan as part of the upcoming riverwalk land use approval, including identification of proportional requirements for the first phase of the riverwalk
  • Identify actionable next steps that community and City can take to implement the plan

How you can participate

Riverwalk Parking & Transportation Summit Series

We are in this together. It is critical that we look holistically at the site, downtown, and McLoughlin and Canemah neighborhoods for both impacts and solutions. All community members are invited to attend three riverwalk transportation summits to help the public partners understand how pedestrian, transit, bike and parking improvements can support the future phases of the Willamette Falls riverwalk.

Meeting 1- Background on best practices approaches, gather community input

April 26, 2017-  6:00-8:00PM  City Hall Commission Chambers (625 Center Street, Oregon City)

Meeting 2 – Review results of outreach to date and review of draft approach

May 24, 2017 -  6:00-8:00PM   City Hall Commission Chambers (625 Center Street, Oregon City)

Meeting 3 – Review of draft recommendations and implementation next steps

July 26, 2017 - 6:00-8:00PM   City Hall Commission Chambers (625 Center Street, Oregon City)


Oregon City TDM Final Report

The plan examines opportunities and challenges in parking, access, and transportation related to the redevelopment of the Willamette Falls Legacy Project, directly adjacent to our existing downtown. Transportation demand management is the application of strategies that increase opportunities for non-car trips and use incentives or disincentives to help optimize the use of existing parking spaces in an area. Incorporating the valuable input of local stakeholders and guided by industry best practices, TDM and parking strategies provide an important set of tools to access the site. The plan outlines and prioritizes strategies, leverages existing conditions and provides flexibility to respond to opportunities for action as they arise.

General recommendations include:

TDM Management Plan Adoption
Adopt and actively manage the Oregon City Transportation Demand Management Plan to guide TDM and Parking Management strategies for the Willamette Falls Legacy site, as well as for Oregon City as a whole. Continue to collect data, coordinate with stakeholders, local and regional agencies and governments, and support “right-size” parking.

Data Driven Actions
Use this document’s strategies and recommendations not as a step-by-step prescription, but as a guide on how to react when changes occur or opportunities develop. Near-, mid-, and long-term strategies should be viewed as a set of tools to be used when most beneficial for Oregon City, not as a chronological checklist.

Oregon City as a Whole
As the Willamette Falls Legacy Project evolves, TDM and parking solutions should complement and support the success of Oregon City as a whole.

The TDM report is an appendix of the Willamette Falls Riverwalk Master Plan and will also be included with the future Riverwalk land use process.


Riverwalk Parking, Access and Transportation (TDM) Plan Final Plan Comments

  • Is something missing from the approach? What do you think is the key to a successful implementation?
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Project Documents

Background resources, agendas, community feedback and drafts will be added to this page as they are available.

Background Information




Riverwalk Parking, Access and Transportation (TDM) Plan Final Plan Comments (1.18.18)

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